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 Old UK pensions and expats

To you it might just be a "frozen pension", a "paid up pension" or even just a "deferred pension", but if you're an UK national, or have lived and worked in the UK and have contributed to a pension in the UK, then it is important not to overlook what could be a very valuable asset.

High charges and poor performance?

Some UK funds, especially with-profit or "zombie funds" don't even keep pace with inflation, and for some the situation is unlikely to improve. 

What's more, if you have an older style contract you could be paying more than you should in charges!

The UK pension market has undergone massive changes over the past 8 years or so, and the pension legislation was completely overhauled in 2006. The new rules brought in greater flexibility and to a large degree greater simplicity.

Sipps too have grown in importance and popularity due to their greater flexibility. Did you know for example that the rules now allow you to buy a commercial property anywhere in the world with your pension, and this extends also land (but not residential houses).

At we have access to dedicated pensions department dealing purely with UK pensions. Our Ireland based UK pension service will:

Once this has been done we will make a mathematical assessment as to whether you should move your old scheme to a new one. If the maths stacks up, we will recommend that you transfer your old UK pension to a new provider in the UK, and select appropriate investments for you. Its then down to you if you want to proceed. This is without cost or obligation.

If you want to know more about what you can do with your UK pension, then contact an independent financial advisers for expatriates, free and without obligation on +353 874 641 868 or Contact an IFA online. is a marketing website which will put you in touch with an offshore independent financial adviser. does not provide financial advice and is not responsible for any advice you receive.

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