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 International and expatriate health insurance

If you’re an expatriate working overseas, or you have retired overseas you need to consider what might happen if you or your family fall ill, and the consequences can literally be deadly without the right international and expatriate health insurance.

In many countries there isn’t any access to free medical treatment, whilst in others you may have access to free medical treatment but the level of care may not be up to the standards you’re used to.

The solution to this problem is international private medical insurance (PMI), sometimes referred to as international and expatriate health insurance. These are personal policies which will protect you (and your family if required), and will offer more comprehensive cover than similar policies in your home country. The policies are typically, yearly renewable policies, which means that the cover lasts for one year, and you have the guaranteed option to renew it after one year even if you have made a claim.

What can be covered under international and expatriate health insurance?

  • Emergency and non-emergency treatment

  • Cancer treatment is covered in full

  • Psychiatric conditions

  • Surgery

  • Consultant fees

  • Hospital accommodation

  • Hospice and palliative care up

  • Outpatient and inpatient treatment

  • Maternity costs

  • Family doctor (GP) treatment

  • Dental treatment

  • 24 hour telephone help lines

  • Evacuation – moving you to another country for treatment

  • Repatriation – sending you back to your home country for treatment

What's not covered?

All companies will not cover what is known as chronic conditions, and this generally means a disease or illness which has no known cure, and is permanent, such as asthma and diabetes. Although if your condition becomes acute then you will be covered, e.g.  asthma attack which requires emergency treatment is covered. 


The cost of the cover depends on your age, the older you are the more it is likely to cost. Providing cover for your family will further increase the payment. Most companies do however offer different levels of cover and different benefits, and the more “whistles and bells” you add to the cover the more expensive it becomes. A basic plan will be much cheaper than comprehensive cover.

Reducing the costs

It is possible to reduce the cost of this type of cover by agreeing in advance that you will pay a fixed amount towards any claim. This is often referred to as an excess or  more commonly a deductible. This can vary from £100 to thousands of pounds. The larger this deductible the lower premium.

Shopping around to get the best rate

There are lots of companies who offer international and expatriate health insurance, many of which you won’t have even know. They might not be household names in your home country, but the chances are that they are household names in another country.

Get an expert to do the hard work for you!

If you’re considering international private medical insurance to cover you or your family, then an offshore international financial advisers can research the market for you and get you the best cover at the best price for you. Request a free quote for international and expatriate health insurance .

Remember you’ll pay the same price going direct to the insurance company or going through a specialist broker.

So if you’re an expatriate, and want to know more about offshore products or want to speak to an  offshore independent financial advisers, then contact us - free and without obligation on +353 874 641 868 or contact us online.  is a marketing website which will put you in touch with an offshore independent financial adviser. does not provide financial advice and is not responsible for any advice you receive.


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